【HOT SALE】Curly Bun Comb Clip
【HOT SALE】Curly Bun Comb Clip
【HOT SALE】Curly Bun Comb Clip
【HOT SALE】Curly Bun Comb Clip
【HOT SALE】Curly Bun Comb Clip
【HOT SALE】Curly Bun Comb Clip
【HOT SALE】Curly Bun Comb Clip

【HOT SALE】Curly Bun Comb Clip

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Never spend more than 10 seconds for a perfect bun again!

Getting curly bun is such a nice way to style your hair especially for parties, but it’s hard to avoid damages along the process. Totally stay away from the damages and just use the Curly Bun Comb Clip.

The Curly Bun Comb Clip is designed to instantly have curly buns without needing hot curlers and just attaching the soft comb clips to your natural hair. These are made with premium-quality materials that make it look like your natural hair, too. It also features a super elastic band that will ensure that through thick or thin, it will fit.


  • Time Savior:

Just 1 click this to your natural hair and you’ll have the perfect curly bun!

  • Instant Voluminous:

Tackle thin hair problem! Just a clip to have thicker & soft messy bun even you are in short hair!

  • Premium Synthetic Hair:

    It is made with high-quality materials that make the bun look like authentic hair.
  • Soft Comb Clips:

    Easy to put it on / off your hair, it's super lightweight so you won't feel it while wearing the bun.

  • Well Sewn:

The hair and the clips are well sewn to ensure bond and to avoid fallout.

    • Super Elastic Band:

    It has elastic bands to be able to stretch depending on the thickness and volume of the natural hair.

    Get creative! This Clip can help you get all classy look instantly!


      • Color: Auburn, Brown, Black, Grey, Caramel, Blonde, Mix Walnut
      • Material: Synthetic Hair
      • Size: 6 inches
      • Weight: 90g


      • 1 x Curly Bun Comb Clip


      1. Try not to approach high temperature, because the wig is not resistant to high temperature
      2. Wigs cannot be dyed. If you need trimming, please ask a professional stylist to trim the hairstyle.
      3. Wigs are usually washed once every 1-2 months, depending on the frequency of MM wearing
      4. Wash in cold or warm water. When washing, use a normal shampoo. It can be used with normal conditioners.
      5. Clean the wig as much as possible without using high-temperature air such as a hairdryer. Use a dry towel to gently absorb excess water from the wig and place it in a well-ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight to damage the wig.
      6. Don't comb your wig immediately after washing
      7. Use a steel tooth comb for combing, not a plastic comb!
      8. Basically, combs are not used for curls, and the rolls can be cleaned by hand after each take.
      9. If the wig is tied for a long time
      10. Be careful not to spray styling water, hair wax and other styling agents for real hair, as this will make the wig sticky.
      11. The wig can be tied up, but it ca n’t be tied too high, otherwise, your own real hair will run out.
      12. When combing longer wigs, divide the wig into several lengths, and comb from bottom to top. Be sure to be light and patient.
      13. It is normal to have a small amount of hair loss during the finishing process.
      14. Usually, put it in the original packaging or bracket without wearing it. When you want to bring it, it will be restored to the original state.
      15. When washing, you can first dissolve the shampoo in an appropriate amount of warm water, soak it for about 5 minutes, and then gently shake it to wash away the dirt. Do not twist and rub it hard, otherwise, it will damage the hairstyle, then wash it with water and then put it Soak in conditioner for 10 minutes. After taking it out, hang it in a dry and ventilated place to dry. In a semi-dry state, comb back the original hairstyle, and then dry it completely. The hairstyle can be kept as perfect as before.

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