Vision Horizontal Blinds
Vision Horizontal Blinds
Vision Horizontal Blinds
Vision Horizontal Blinds
Vision Horizontal Blinds
Vision Horizontal Blinds
Vision Horizontal Blinds
Vision Horizontal Blinds
Vision Horizontal Blinds

Vision Horizontal Blinds

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Is your home's Privacy&Security at risk? 

With Magical Blinds. You can see out, but no one sees in!

You can use a paper cutter to cut any size to fit your window. Daytime Privacy, Security & Energy Efficiency for Any Window


  • Safe and Explosion-proof, make your Windows stronger and prevent burglary.

  • They also block 50% of harmful UV Rays and blocking harmful radiation, creating a healthy living environment.

You can cut to your EXACT glass size for a proper fit and for easy installation.
  • It is a simple solution for close neighbors, high traffic areas, front entrances, or any exterior window that you desire.
  • Our proprietary designs will enhance the beauty of your home, office or workplace.


    • Safety: safe and explosion-proof, preventing glass fragments from splashing and hurting people
    • Emission Reductionreduce the use of glass, reduce glass production environment pollution;
    • Self-environmental protection: using environmental protection materials, home office safer and environmentally friendly
    • Beautifulcolor pattern meet the needs of personality;
    • Simplesimple process, construction process fast&efficient

      Installation Instruction:

      • Please remove the Clear Backing Film before applying
      • Our Window Film Application Kit is recommended for better installation

      1. Clean the window thoroughly, make sure the surface is clean with no dirt or dust, and also remember to wipe off the dirt on the window frame as well. (Important)
      2.Trim the window film to the approximate size of the window (1 inch/2.5cm larger than the glass size)
      3. Peel off the backing film gently, and spray the back of the window film thoroughly with soapy water.
      4. Wet the glass thoroughly with soapy water.
      5. Gently place the window film on the glass.
      6. Spray the surface of the window film with soapy water again, and use a squeegee (wrapped with a soft cloth to prevent scratching the film)to push all the air bubbles and excess water out.
      7. Cut off margins using a utility knife.

      Customer Questions & Answers

      Question: How to install this?

      AnswerYou only need some clear water (soapy water would be better) to apply it. DON'T forget to remove the backing protective film before putting on glass.
                                                                            By Shelly T. on December 17, 2019

      QuestionCan it be cut up to place on a window made up of small squares?

      AnswerAbsolutely! It can be cut down to whatever size you need. Just be careful and make sure everything lines up. 😁 
                                                                                     By Krystal D on Jan 9th, 2020

      QuestionI have a side window by my front door will this stop anyone from looking into the house day and at night even if the lights are on?

      AnswerHi there, thanks for the great question. The privacy coverage of this one-way window film depends on the light intensity. In general, during the daytime, people inside can see through this glass window tint, while people outside can't see in due to the strong sunlight outside. However, when the indoor light is stronger than the outdoor during the nighttime, people outside can see in. Remember to draw a curtain during the night.
                                                                               By VolcanicsUS on Feb 2nd, 2020

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